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سورس کد اندروید Flags Quiz – بازی اندروید کوویز پرچم کشورها

Flags Quiz بازی دارای بیش از ۱۹۰ سطح برای ۱۹۵ پرچم تمام کشورهای جهان است، اجازه دهید کاربران آزمایش دانش خود و حدس بزنند که کشور این پرچم کدام است.

Flags Quiz game has more than 190 levels for 195 flags of all world countries, Let users test their knowledge and guess what is the country of this flag. We filled it with many features and make awesome design for it. it has leaderboard, some helps to help you to guess the flag and share it with your friends, also it has admin panel to add new levels as you want instead of uploading new version on google play and more other features.. Enjoy!!



  • +۱۹۰ levels.
  • Admin panel.
  • RateMyApp & Share.
  • Help system.
  • Sound Effects.
  • RTL lnaguages.
  • Leaderboard.
  • New admob.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Easy customize.
  • Prepared re-skin.
  • Eclipse & Android Studio.



Right-To-Left language

One of the nice features of this app, its ability to be converted to RTL language if you want like Arabic and you can do that in one step by changing langDirection in strings.xml file to rtl.

After that the app will be ready to use any RTL language, you need just to change alphabet with your language alphabet.

Also for making your life easy, we collect all texts in the app in strings.xml file to change them easily without having to catch them in whole project.


Admin Panel

The game is provided with an admin panel which you can use for adding more levels then users can get them directly from the server without having to publish a new version on Google Play.

How to Setup and Reskin:

We will provide you with some video tutorials to show you how to use this code and customize it. These tutorials includes:

  • How to import the project?
  • How to edit sqlite dataabse?
  • How to install your admin panel?
  • How to add your leaderboard?
  • How to change admob id?
  • How to change the language of the app?
  • How to export a signed apk file?



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