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دانلود سورس کد QR code and Barcode scanner and generator – برنامه تولید و اسکن QR code and Barcode

برنامه‌ی QR & Barcode Scanner، یکی از سریع‌ترین برنامه‌های اسکن بارکد و QR کد است. برنامه‌های اسکنر بارکد یکی از ضروری‌ترین برنامه‌های دستگاه‌های اندرویدی است. استفاده از برنامه آسان است و از رابط کاربری خوبی برخوردار می‌باشد. تنها لازم است دستگاه اندرویدی خود را در مقابل QR Code قرار دهید تا برنامه به طور خودکار کد را اسکن نماید. این برنامه نیز از انواع QR Code و بارکد را که شامل متن، url، ISBN، شماره، تاریخ، ایمیل، مکان جغرافیایی و… باشد، پشتیبانی می‌کند.

Product description

This is not only an application, this is just a supper efficient tool to scan and generate QR or Barcode scanner. It scans perfectly almost every time smoothly.

I has a simple, straightforward, apparently great user interface to interact with its features. We represented three major feature; Scanner, Generator and Result History with a Bottom Navigator. It has increased usability a lot.

Scanner dynamically detect content type within a single panel without toggling camera view. User will be able to toggle camera flash, autofocus by semitransparent on screen button on the camera view. Also switching camera between front and rear camera is that much easy from the same button group.

The next feature is generating QR and barcode from text. There is an easy toggle button into the input panel to change the type of output. User can save and share generated QR or barcode as an image.

Al the scanned result will be stored into local database for future use. History will be visible into a simple list. User can copy result to clipboard to user somewhere else. App can detect web URL intelligently. If web URL found as a scanned result, it will be redirected to web browser directly.

App has been designed following material design guideline. We have used all native API and components for smoothness and efficiency.

This project is highly customizable and all the modules are modular. Anyone can easily redesign the app with zero android knowledge.

Feature list:

  • Scan QR code
  • Scan Barcode
  • Toggle camera, flash and focus
  • Auto type detection
  • Generate QR code
  • Generate Barcode
  • Keep result history
  • Delete result history
  • Open native app for web, YouTube, email and phone
  • Copy result to clipboard
  • Search result to web
  • Share result text
  • Navigate web URL from scanned result
  • Descent material UI and smooth performance
  • Support multiple type



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