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دانلود سورس کد On Demand Taxi Booking Application Script – سورس کد رزرو تاکسی انلاین

سورس تاکسی On Demand Taxi Booking Application Script  در حال حاضر یکی از بهترین سورس کد های آماده ایجاد سرویس تاکسی آنلاین برای ios می باشد که با استفاده از آن قادر خواهید بود برنامه ای شبیه به اسنپ و تپسی ساخته و کسب و کار بزرگ خود را شروع کنید. این پروژه حاوی سورس راننده، سورس مسافر، cms اختصاصی به زبان php و همراه با فایل آموزش کانفیگ و راه اندازی کامل می باشد.


Key Features of LaTaxi

  • Clear UI/UX
  • Driver app
  • User App
  • Phone number authentication via Google Firebase
  • One step and easy booking process.
  • Option to set cab types with rates
  • Push messages for all the status
  • Safe and Secure Payment
  • Promocode Management
  • Manage the business using Admin Panel
  • Cancellation Facility
  • Booking Flexibility
  • Tracking System
  • Rating and Review
  • View earnings statistics
  • RTL Supports
  • ۱۰۰% Customizable
  • Auto Assigning of driver
  • View booking history

What is Included in LaTaxi?

  • ۲ Android Native Apps for Driver and User
  • Admin panel that covers all the basic and advanced needs of the management




lataxi ios

Driver App Features



  • Register and Login
  • Legal Document Evaluation
    • License
    • Police clearance Certificate
    • Fitness certificate
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Vehicle Permit
    • Commercial Insurance
    • Tax Receipt
    • Photo Updating
  • View new user ride request
  • Receive notification from users when they request for ride
  • Accept and Reject ride request
  • Change status online / offline – to appear on passenger map
  • View past rides history
  • View Payment Statements
  • View Rider Feedback and Comments
  • View weekly earning statistics
  • Auto update driver location


User App Features

  • Registration and Login
  • Select different type of cars for riding
  • Auto Pick-up the nearest cab for ride
  • GPS to select the pickup address
  • Options to cancel bookings
  • Track the driver
  • View Driver details
  • Request and Cancel ride request
  • View ongoing trips in real time.
  • View past Ride History
  • Fare estimation
  • Promocode Feature
  • Set Home and work location


Admin Panel Features

Where you can manage the things and keep track on the business.


  • User Management.
  • Driver Management.
  • View all information of registered users.
  • View all information of registered drivers.
  • View and Filter ride history by
    • Location
    • Driver name
    • Passenger name
    • Car Type
    • Booking date
    • Amount
    • Status
  • Promocode Management.
  • Region based taxi type management.
  • Car type Management.
  • Driver document management.
  • View High demand areas without adequate supply of driver.
  • Review Management.

Features Under Customization

  • Customization for Push Message for all driver notification
  • Customization for Auto Refresh of cars
  • Customization for Social Login
  • Customization for Payment gateway.
  • Customization for Support different rates for day and night..
  • Customization for Support localisation and Internationalization.
  • Customization for Share ride to Facebook and Twitter
  • Customization for Send ride details via SMS.
  • Customization for Real time track drivers location
  • Customization for SMS Notification
  • Customization for email notification
  • Customization for ride scheduling
  • Customization for country based Car Type Selection
  • Customization for 3rd party live tracking of user traveling
  • Customization for ride sharing Implementation (carpooling)
  • Customization to add Ads




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