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دی ۴, ۱۳۹۷
7.37 مگابایت
ورژن : 2.1

دانلود سورس کد اندروید eVPN نسخه ۲٫۱ – برنامه پروکسی اندروید



The eVPN is a android application which allows user to keep their phone secured by using secured proxy in a systematic manner. You’re gonna like it.

This product provides you easy way to make your own free vpn application. It does not require programming skills. Code is easily configurable and customizable. There is just one config file to setting up everything. Project is well documented. It’s easier than you think.

I’m always here to help you. Happy customer is the most important thing for me. Before you ask me for help or support, please read the documentation (included with the downloaded item) and any additional information available on the item’s support tab to see if that answers your question. Also see frequently asked questions. If you still need help, just send me a message via comments. Please keep in mind that customization, modification and installation services are not included in item support. See Item Support Policy for more info.

Note : This app using the open source vpn server from and the vpn servers are totally free to use

Are you interested? Check this:

Demo APK on Google Play Store






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labcode 301 نوشته در لب کد دارد . مشاهده تمام نوشته های

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