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آذر ۱۳, ۱۳۹۷
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ورژن : 1.0.2
استایل های راست به چپ (rtl) : ندارد
ترجمه فارسی : ندارد

دانلود سورس کد آی اوس Foodie نسخه ۱٫۰٫۲ – برنامه ios دستور العمل غذا

Foodie – برنامه iOS Foodie  اجازه می دهد تا دستور العمل انواع غذا را داشته باشید.

توضیحات انگلیسی:

Foodie – the iOS app allows you to make all kinds of dishes more delicious with the largest collection of recipes. 

Admin Panel Demo:
Username: test_admin
Password: test123
App Store Link:
App Preview:



iOS App:
• Cuisine wise recipe list
• Recipe Ingredients, Time, and Direction
• Manage favorite recipes
• Add Ingredients into shopping cart for favorite recipe
• Manage weekly menu
• Recipe making video and Steps
• Search and Comment on recipes
• Google AdMob integration
• Crashlytics integration
• Support Multiple Languages (iOS Localization)
• InApp purchases for Ads remove and Premium recipe access
• Login with Facebook integration
• User friendly Admin Panel
• Well documented code

Admin Panel:
• User friendly and Robust Admin Panel
• Attractive Dashboard
• Manage Cuisine
• Manage Category
• Manage Ingredient
• Add Recipe video via link from YouTube, Dropbox or other domains
• Manage Grocery
• Manage Recipe
• Admin can set Premium recipe which will access after InApp purchase in the app
• Manage Weekly Menu
• Support Multiple Languages (UTF-8 Encoding)
• Well documented code

Admin Panel Demo:
Username: test_admin
Password: test123
App Preview:




 The Foodie app is made in Objective C using Xcode 8.0 and Admin Panel Code is
written in PHP with CodeIgniter framework (CI_VERSION: 3.0.6).


How to use App

  • Open the app
  • Select Category which you like and select recipes
  • You got Recipes and collect all ingredients from store
  • Then follow the steps of made recipe


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